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Combined AHU
Combined AHU
Combined AHU
  • SUNNY Combined AHU is a kind of firm structure,specious appearance,complete function of air treatment equipment.

  • Description

  • SUNNY Combined AHU is a kind of firm structure,specious appearance,complete function of air treatment equipment.Including mixing,filtering,coil-cooling,heating,humidifying,flow equalizing,noise eliminating and air supply etc.,various kinds of function section.According to the needs of the field,agile combination can provide ventilation,heating,cooling,humidification and filtering and other functions.Widely using in hotels,gymnasium,exhihition center,office buildings,subways,airports,factorys and other air conditioning system projects.

    Combined AHU's features

    1.The cabinet is anti-rust and anti-corrosion,beautiful appearance.The cabinet is made of low thermal resistance plate which is composed of high density skeleton with color steel plate.The frame is made of aluminum alloy skeleton.

    2.Smooth operation ,Low noise,high total pressure.Using low-noise high-efficiency external rotor centrifugal fan.The fan is corrected by precise dynamic balance to ensure smooth operation of the unit,so that it has the characteristics of low noise and high full pressure.

    3.Drainage freely,no leakage problems.Well-designed condensate tray wity estra thick lining thermal insulation matreial to ensure that the unit in harsh environment without condensation dripping.Condensate tray tilting installed is good for condensate water discharging.Meanwhile condensate pipe is calculated by non-full state,that is five times more than normal operation discharging capacity.

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